Experiments & Apps

Experiments and apps are chosen and developed by Entangled. They work by posing different forms of questions to data structures called channels. The subconscious minds of Entangled users ‘vote’ on each channel by flipping photon bits in quantum hardware, which are collected and measured to produce an answer. Downloading the mobile app allows you to explore and contribute.

Apps - Global Consciousness
Global Trends
Interactive visualization of real-time consciousness effects aggregated by cities and across the globe.
App | Visualization
Experiment - Earthquake Prediction
Earthquake Prediction
Can the network anticipate large earthquakes?
Experiment | Running on channels 100 - 154
Experiment - Medical research
Medical Research
Can the network point scientists toward the next medical breakthroughs?
Experiment | Seeking partner labs
Experiment - Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price
Can the network anticipate future price action?
In Development
Apps - Subconscious Polls
Subconscious Polls
Ask questions to the network on open channels.
In Development
Apps - Consciousness Events
Bring consciousness effects into your concert or other event.